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Dialect Coaching

Let's tell great stories.

what i do

actor training

Learn the tricks and tips to perform convincingly and comfortably in whatever your target accent is. Audrey helps you find joy in dialect work instead of stress!

coaching for professionals

Want to have a more demanding presence? Tackle your communication skills, from clear pronunciation to concise presentation delivery to nerve-calming tricks.

Film Production


From prep to post, I help support actors performances by having a historically accurate dialect, down to the neighborhood. 

online courses

Want to get the benefits of a veteran coach without the cost? Enroll in Audrey's general American accent online courses and learn at your own pace.

what people say

“Audrey is without a doubt the best accent coach I have worked with and continue to work with. On top of that she is so much fun but you get the results. My first TV gig was a US production and the American actors thought I was an actor from New York as per my character - so thank you Audrey.”

Chris Ryman, actor

Hi, I'm Audrey.

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how you can
work with me


on set

From pre-production prep to on set work to ADR, Audrey can help your actors feel embodied in their dialect/acting work and ready for action. The goal is to create a safe enough space for award-winning performances every time.


on zoom

In tailor-made private sessions, Audrey helps you break down that target accent accent or to communicate more concisely, confidently, and effectively so you can get back to what's important: telling the story.


online course

Learn a general American accent in two online courses! Choose to focus on specific sounds that make up the accent or to master the bigger picture aspects that make up the dialect, and practice with carefully crafted videos.

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Are we a good fit?

I'm not going to lie, I'm ambitious. I want someone at the Oscars every year. But it's not about the fame for me.


It's about telling stories that MATTER, on the highest level of quality, the widest reaching platforms, that are centered around characters who represent people who have previously been underrepresented. I want to help those truths come out.


Is this you too? Let's work together!

(No , you don't have to be an actor or even in the film industry.)

Send me a message to get started.

Some past clients include: (from top left) Daniel Kaluuya, Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Dominique Thorne, Flea, Ashton Sanders, Joe Cole, Diego Calva, Jesse Plemons, Isha Blaaker, Machine Gun Kelly, Marque Richardson, Zaina Gohou, Iwan Rheon, Sheyi Cole, Reynaldo Pacheco, Marina Mazepa, Douglas Booth, Daniel Webber


Get in touch to inquire about rates and availability.

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