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executive communication course 

A 10-class communication course with celebrity coach Audrey LeCrone.

Upon completion of this program you will receive a certificate.

Let's take your communication skills to the next level!

Class 1: presence & preparedness

Learn how to breathe, stretch, stand, and articulate freely to create more presence and vocal power. 

CLASS 3: clarity of thought

Understand how to de-clutter your brain by practicing breaking down complex ideas into palatable, simple thoughts. 

CLASS 5: simplifying speech

Train your brain to simultaneously consider content and conciseness--combining brevity and clear thought.

CLASS 7: rapid fire application

Putting together all the lessons so far, let's put the coordination to the test and push your limits. 

CLASS 9: preparing a speech

Learn to authentically and dynamically show up as yourself while giving a prepared presentation.

CLASS 2: branding yourself

You are the selling point! Find your authenticity that you can bring out in different kinds of professional settings.

CLASS 4: confident conciseness

Speak your message with precision, calmly telling stories of different lengths under a timed setting. 

CLASS 6: charm & confidence

How would you move through the workday as the smartest, wealthiest, most charming person in the world?

CLASS 8: interview skills

Getting more confident with the coordination, apply the lessons to the most difficult interview questions. 

CLASS 10: improvising under pressure

Bring that same level of self-assuredness to an improvised speech with clear-headed confidence.

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About your Coach

Audrey LeCrone has spent the last decade helping high-profile professionals feel more comfortable speaking. She has coached clients from over 70 countries and uses a variety of creative, effective techniques that are catered to each person.


Also working in Hollywood, she was the dialect coach behind Daniel Kaluuya's 2021 Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA/NAACP/SAG-award-winning performance as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah.


Choose the tier that fits your needs and feel free to email with any questions. 

GROW FROM HOME: THE online course

10 professionally shot classes designed to boost effectiveness, conciseness, and public speaking skills. 

Upload your work in mp4 files for direct feedback so you can have personalized help even without a live coach! 

Certification will be provided after completion of course.


the launch point: change your trajectory

Find the authentic, present, brilliant communicator within.

After five 1-on-1 sessions with celebrity coach Audrey LeCrone, be more comfortable under pressure, find ease in speaking, and know how to increase presence and clarity. 

Certification will be provided after completion of 5 classes.


the Quantum leap: Executive mastery 

Discover a new level of greatness to tap into.  

Boost your effectiveness, increase your confidence, embrace conciseness, and polish your public speaking skills with these 10 live 1-on-1 sessions.

Certification will be provided after completion of 10 classes.


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