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american accents, acting coaching,
& Dialect Coaching

General American Accent training

Were you not raised with an American accent? Fantastic!


Wherever you’re from, your accent is unique and beautiful.

It represents your identity and rich heritage.


But as an actor, you're most likely not playing yourself.


And if you’re tired of being typecast as "The Sexy Italian" or "The Russian Spy,” then learning the standard American accent with an accent coach may be just what you need to boost your career!

In my custom coaching sessions, we will find the most effective way for you to confidently master acting in a neutral American accent.

Acting Rehearsal

dialect coaching for other accents

Acting is hard enough by itself. Now add accents and dialects?

Whether it's a Texas accent, Boston accent, New York accent, Chicago accent, British RP accent, Cockney accent, Australian accent, or any dialect in between, learn 1 on 1 with an accent coach whose credits include #1 movies in the world. 


Wherever in the world your character is from, we will use a voice model to break down your exact target accent, focusing accuracy and actability.


After our private coaching you will have the tools to get back to what's important: telling a convincing story.

yo, i'm a
broke actor

i hear you.

I am a hustler. I love free stuff.

Here are the actors' accent class deals I have for you!

Cheaper accent coaching

I have 2 courses on the general American accent if you are motivated enough to work alone, one going over the vowels and consonants of an American accent and the other covering the feel of the accent--how to act in the accent. 

Check out the free previews to see if it's a good fit!

Free accent tips

Check out my Instagram, YouTube channel and TikTok where you can learn free dialect tips!

Podcast on Voice, Accent & Identity 

I also drop a lot of info in my new podcast interviewing actors on their voice, accent and identity, so take a listen to that here!

dialect coaching clients Daniel Kaluuya Anthony Ramos Dominique Fishback Miguel Angel Silvestre Dominique Thorne Flea Ashton Sanders Joe Cole Jesse Plemmons Isha Blaaker Machine Gun Kelly and more.

Are we a good fit?

I'm not going to lie, I'm ambitious. I want someone at the Oscars every year. But it's not about the fame for me.


It's about telling stories that MATTER, on the highest level of quality, that are centered around characters who embody people who have previously been underrepresented. I want to help those truths come out.


Is this you too? If so, let's work together!

And no , you don't have to be famous. I work with all levels because I believe everyone should be given a chance at greatness.

Send me a message to get started.

Some past clients include: (from top left) Daniel Kaluuya, Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Dominique Thorne, Flea, Ashton Sanders, Joe Cole, Diego Calva, Jesse Plemons, Isha Blaaker, Machine Gun Kelly, Marque Richardson, Zaina Gohou, Iwan Rheon, Sheyi Cole, Reynaldo Pacheco, Marina Mazepa, Douglas Booth, Daniel Webber


The performances I've coaches have received the following:

1 oscar win and 1 oscar nomination for roles Audrey LeCrone has dialect coached.

1 Oscar win

1 nomination

1 golden globe award win and 1 nomination for roles Audrey LeCrone has dialect coached.

1 Golden Globe win

1 nomination

2 emmy nominations for roles Audrey LeCrone has dialect coached.

2 Emmy 


1 BAFTA award win and 1 BAFTA nomination for roles Audrey LeCrone has dialect coached.

1 BAFTA win

1 nomination

1 sag award win and 1 nomination for roles Audrey LeCrone has dialect coached.

1 SAG award win

1 nomination

1 NAACP win and 5 nominations for roles Audrey LeCrone has coached dialect for.

1 NAACP win

5 nominations

As well as...

1 Critics’ Choice win & 1 nomination - Best Supporting Actor & Ensemble

2 People’s Choice award win & 1 nomination - Drama Movie Star

3 BET awards - Best Actor & Best Movie

2 MTV nominations - Best Performance & Best Movie

2 AFI wins - Movie of the Year

let's see yours up there next!!


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