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accent training
public speaking coaching & Communication skills

Learn an american accent

First of all.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your natural accent!

It represents the beautiful culture and language you come from.

However, many people find their natural accents can pose certain challenges—not being understood at work, discrimination, feelings of language inadequacy or lack of confidence.


This is where I can help!

Together we'll create a tailor-made American English pronunciation program for any global English speaker to tackle the speech patterns that will make the most difference in your day-to-day life first.


Using industry-oriented vocabulary, presentations, and improvisation, you'll improve your speech skills in no time. You get to choose the pace, scheduling, and intensity.


Think of it as learning a new muscle memory that you can turn on and off, so you can pull your general American accent out of your toolbox and use it whenever you need it.

Politician Shaking Hands

public speaking skills

Speak clearly, confidently & passionately

Dynamic speakers have a message from the heart, with clear speech and stories that transport you. They leave you with a lasting feeling. They make us feel our humanity. 

I believe your speech patterns should be as dynamic as you are.


These lessons include exercises to get a fuller voice, to boost confidence, to be more concise, to edit yourself, to improvise, and more. If you have a specific speech or presentation to prepare, we can certainly work on that as well. 


Sessions can also be customized outside of the 10-class package if you have more acute needs; contact me to speak further. 

Check out the full syllabus below!

Soft Skills & confidence for
esl speakers

At one point I had someone contact me because he was about to get fired due to poor communication. After a couple months of working together, he got promoted instead! I use this as the goal for each client.

1-on-1 sessions may include:

--getting more comfortable and confident speaking English

--understanding how your breath and voice work

--learning to love the sound of your own voice

--training to be more clear and concise

My curriculum is customized to each client: catering to your specific needs, goals, and the way YOU work best. 

But if your company requires a "one-size-fits-all" or certificate course for reimbursement, check out my executive communication program!

Dialect coached or taught communication and ESL skills to clients from over 70 countries.

Clients from over 70 countries, including

Doctors, models, HR representatives, stay-at-home moms, fitness instructors, CEOs, nurses, managers, authors, students, security guards, CFOs, small business owners, teachers, web designers, singers, priests, professors, team-building experts, photographers, doulas, programmers, social media influencers, government agents, engineers, salesmen,

and more!

who takes classes?

Whether in private sessions or group workshops, we can Zoom in or meet in person to find your team's most effective voice.

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how it works



Audrey will ask you some questions about your background, what you struggle with, and what your goals are. Together you craft a course that will efficiently and effectively propel you to where you want to be.



YOU decide the schedule: meeting once a week, every few days, whenever you have an important speaking event, etc.  

All sessions are customized to your specific industry, how you learn best, and the level of intensity at which you'd like to work.



With specific instructions for success, it will soon be in reach! You are welcome to record the class on Zoom to help you practice between live sessions. And unlike school, you'll only be given as much homework as you want.

"The many tricks, tips, and methods that Audrey has taught me have been invaluable, and have allowed me to propel my career to another level."

Gene Pressman, program manager, new york city


Get in touch to inquire about rates and availability.

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