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dialect coaching


Ranging anywhere from 1 hour to 1 year, prepping actors to be confident when the cameras are rolling is key. I love taking a deep dive into the dialect research, being as specific as the neighborhood the character is from.

on set

The key to good on-set coaching is learning what kind of notes the director and actors prefer to get. I love cracking the code to create the most effective notes that bring the actor back to a confident, accurate place. 


Need to redo sound? I'm happy to prep your actors beforehand and be in the session virtually or in person. I can also preview your film and give you a report with lines and time stamps for any necessary dialect adjustments.

Some Roles I've coached

a trusted Collaborator 

An experienced dialect coach could be difference between a fine performance 

and an award-winning performance.



Daniel Kaluuya

Dominique Fishback

Anthony Ramos

Jesse Plemons

Dominique Thorne

Joe Cole

Ashton Sanders

Jodie Turner-Smith


Diego Calva

Miguel Angel Silvestre

Marque Richardson

Richard Thomas

Amy Brenneman

Dierdre O'Connell

Machine Gun Kelly

Douglas Booth

Iwan Rheon

Daniel Webber

Bokeem Woodbine

Plus HUNDREDS of amazing performers you haven't heard of...YET.



Jordan Peele

Shaka King

Damien Chazelle

Melina Matsoukas

Donald Glover

Ava Duvernay

Adamma Ebo

Lana Washowski

Bastian Günther

Jeff Tremaine

John Polson

Sam Bailey

Angela Barnes

Cherie Nowlan

Alrick Riley

Louise Friedberg

and more!


The performances I've coaches have received the following:


1 Oscar win

1 nomination


1 Golden Globe win

1 nomination


2 Emmy 



1 BAFTA win

1 nomination


1 SAG award win

1 nomination


1 NAACP win

5 nominations

As well as...

1 Critics’ Choice win & 1 nomination - Best Supporting Actor & Ensemble

2 People’s Choice award win & 1 nomination - Drama Movie Star

3 BET awards - Best Actor & Best Movie

2 MTV nominations - Best Performance & Best Movie

2 AFI wins - Movie of the Year

Do you want to tell an amazing story on film?

Perfect, I'm already invested.


Let's support it with grounded, embodied performances.

Represented by UTA

Please contact agent Amy Grgich at

Audrey LeCrone and Dominique Fishback at the premiere of Swarm the TV show.

Audrey & Dominique Fishback at the premiere of SWARM

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